20 Sure-Fire Topic Ideas for Your Radio Station’s Blog


Blogging is a lot easier when you have a formula.

Blogging can be intimidating for on-air personalities. There’s nothing worse than sitting down to write a blogpost when you have no idea what to write about. While blogging is a crucial component of any any radio station’s online content strategy, we got into radio because we want to talk, not write!

Fear not.

The key is to figure out what you (or your airstaff) is interested in and find a formula for writing about that. This is an opportunity for on-air talent to let their personalities shine. Remember, blogposts don’t need to be long (250 words is fine), just interesting.

Here are 20 simple blog topic formulas to inspire you and your staff:

  1. Album Review: When an artist on your playlist releases a new album, write a short review. Include an affiliate link to purchase the album and embed a YouTube video of the album’s single.
  2. New Songs: Write a post about the songs that were added to the playlist this week. What is the song about? Who was it inspired by it? If it’s a collaboration, how did the artists come together?
  3. Concert Preview: Is there a big artist coming to town? What can we expect from the setlist? What are people saying about previous stops on the tour? How can people win tickets or hear an interview on your station?
  4. Concert Recap: Did a big artist just come to town? What was the setlist? What are people saying about this stop on the tour? How can people hear a recording of your interview with the artist. Include your street team’s photos from the concert.
  5. What to Do This Weekend: Tell people what’s going on around town: concerts, festivals, plays, sporting events, movies, station events, etc.
  6. Movie Preview: What movies are opening this weekend? Write about which ones you are excited to see, and embed YouTube videos of the trailers in your posts.
  7. Movie Review: See any good movies over the weekend? Write a review. Include the YouTube trailer.
  8. TV Show Recap: Got a show that you’re addicted to? Whether its American Idol, Scandal, or Dr. Who, write a recap of every episode. Tell us what happened, and inject your own opinion.
  9. Sports Preview: Is there a big game or sporting event coming up? Write about it!
  10. Sports Review: What happened in last night’s game? What did you think?
  11. 5 Questions: Email 5 questions to a local public figure (musician, sports star, chef, etc.) and ask them to send back their answers, along with a photo and a two-sentence bio. Publish it as a Q&A.
  12. Holiday Ideas: When a big holiday approaches, use it for inspiration. Where should people go? What should they eat? How should they dress? Etc.
  13. Pop Culture Topics: What pop culture events are coming up? Whether it’s the Oscars, the Kentucky Derby, or the James Beard Awards, give us your opinion.
  14. Current Events Listicles: Everybody loves a good list. Write about your “Top 5 Scary Movies for Halloween,” or your “5 Favorite Superbowl Moments”
  15. Musical Listicles: Reach into your station’s musical library and write a list, like the “Top 5 Country Guitarists,” “The Top 5 MTV VMA Moments,” or the “Top 5 Local Bands to Watch.”
  16. Video Game Review: Is somebody on your staff a big gamer? Have them write about what they’re playing.
  17. Stand Up Comedy Preview: Do you have a comedy club in your area? Write about the performers who are coming soon. Embed a YouTube video of their act.
  18. Great Causes: Find an upcoming local charity event and write about it.
  19. Cool Kickstarter Projects: Find a Kickstarter project that you love — ideally one from somebody in your market — and write about it.
  20. Advice Column: Have listeners pose questions (or fake ’em) and and answer these questions in the style of Dear Abbey. You can focus on a particular area (parenting, cooking, music, etc.) or leave it wide open.


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